SHELANDY 40" Pet Bathtub | Dog Cat Grooming Bathing and Shower

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✔SHELANDY pet dog bathtub gives a bath or shower to your pets without backache and mess

✔Stable bathing tub with solid bottom - Weight capacity 150 lbs

✔Made by PVC Polymer material - Scratch-resistant, waterproof and anti-skid

✔Comes with long drain hose, Grooming arm and restraint leash

✔Whole item size: L 40" * W 20“ * H 39” - Fits all small and medium breeds

SHELANDY focus on getting more savings and convenience for pet groomers! Our innovations are widely loved by pet groomers!

The SHELANDY 40” Pet Portable Grooming Bath comes complete with a grooming arm and leashes, and can be placed on any height surface, so that you don’t have to bend down to wash your pet.

You can do everything at your level and your pet will be held securely in place by the grooming arm, grooming leash and haunch holder, enabling you to position them easily, whilst you keep both hands free for washing, rinsing and grooming them.

Designed to address the following problems - if you have:

(1) Find washing your pets in your own shower or bathtub at home difficult because you have to bend or kneel down, causing backache or knee pain.

(2) Find bath time very messy or are worried that your dog could potentially scratch or damage your regular bath or shower.

(3) Struggle to wash your pet as there is no way of securing them in the tub and they often try to jump out.

(4) You are low on space, but don’t think it would be practical to have a separate dog grooming bath in your home.


This tub bottom is fully solid with flat base, pet will be safe and secure as you wash them. The tub wall is constructed from durable PVC Polymer which is scratch-proof and slip-resistant.


If you’d prefer to wash your pets in garden or wherever you feel comfortable to wash them, in whichever room of your home is most practical for you. The tub comes complete with a long drain hose so it’s easy for you to empty it out once you’ve finished washing.


The built-in grooming arm and leashes hold your pet securely in place, enabling you to position your pet and keep both hands free for washing, rinsing and grooming them.



Ideal For mobile pet groomers

For mobile pet groomers, this tub is designed to be easily moved for taking from job to job. Easily fits into the regular trunk. Also takes up to 10 mins to complete re-installation.