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① DRY YOUR MOTORBIKE QUICKLY AND EASILY: Dries your bike effortlessly, with no scratching or smearing.

② GREAT FOR DUSTING AND DETAILING: Safely removes dirt from hard to reach areas and engine parts

③ AIRFLOW VARIABLE: Choice of speed and temperature settings for maximum drying power

④ ONE-YEAR WARRANTY: Get a replacement simply within one year

⑤ POWERFUL TURBO BLASTER: 2800 watts / 110 voltage / 14 foot flexible hose

What does shelandy automotive dryer come with?
14 Foot Quality Hose
16 Foot Power cord
3 different types of nozzles


Total Power: 2800 Watts

Heater Power: 600 Watts

Airflow variable: 65MPH-135MPH

Noise Level: 75 db

Wall mount optional / Stand holder optional



On Force dryer market, expensive choices do not mean powerful and durable. We are providing a more flexible and lightweight dryer to meet your needs in different workplaces. Compare a Hundreds car dryer, It's just half weight but generats less noise along with similar airflow.


Flexible Wheels

4 wheels to make this dryer more portable. This item is easy to grab & move around your garage, driveway, Auto detail shop and even your lawn because it can be used as a leaf blower. Once you use SHELANDY force dryer all your DIY car detailing projects become a breeze.


Airflow & Heat avariable

2 options of ariflow and temperature settings for maximum drying power. 3 different precision nozzle attachments allow you to direct the airflow effectively.

SHELANDY Force Dryer is not high-priced but comes with more stable motor and more designs of portability. It's a most efficient device for detailing and dusting.



Remove scratches quickly

Perfect for blow dry any cars and motorbikes. It takes the strain out of drying by quickly blasting off all surface water to leave your car looking shiny, with no water spots and no chance of scratching the paintwork with a dirty towel. Get right inside those hard-to-reach or delicate areas without compromising on safety.